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Why Is Printing ID Cards On PVC A Better Choice?

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Why Is Printing ID Cards On PVC A Better Choice?

Healthcare, education, government, retail, finance, transport, and many more sectors need regular on-site ID card printing for security and identification. There are many differences between inkjet card printing and PVC card printing, which range from quality to functionality. When trying to select ID card printers, it helps to understand the differences between inkjet card printing and PVC card printing.

Working Of PVC ID Card Printing 

PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride, a tough plastic material that is utilized in specialist ID card printing. PVC ID cards have a smooth surface that shows branding details and colors vividly. In the case of PVC ID card printing, retransfer ID printers are used to print on the back of a clear film which is thermally bonded to the PVC card. The benefits of this type of printing are precision and image consistency and the process offers edge to edge printing that can be used to print even on uneven surfaces like embedded modules and smart cards.

Inkjet Card Printing 

Inket is a form of water-based printing. When printing on standard PVC cards, a regular inkjet printer cannot be used as it is not smudge-proof. Moreover, the ink sits on top of the PVC ID card after printing which can make it easy for removal and potential frauds. You might find inkjet PVC card kits in the market that allow ID card printing using an inkjet printer. However, understand that printing with these printers is severely limited.

PVC Card Printing Vs Inkjet Card Printing 

The first and foremost point is that inkjet card printing lacks the security of PVC card printing. Inkjet card printing leaves behind ink which can lead to the ink bleeding onto new ID cards. When printing speed is taken into account, inkjet printers will let you print only one or two cards at a time, whereas, PVC card printers can let you print many cards at a time. Printing efficiency is an important factor for government entities that print driver’s licenses and universities that print student ID cards.


Your business can make a good impression only with the help of the best ID card printing device. The ID card of your business reflects the image of your business and you need to ensure the quality of the ID card. Never rely on conventional inkjet printers and paper to define your business. Always make sure to project a professional image with the help of PVC ID card printers.  


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