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Why Educational Institutions Need Professional ID Card Security

Schools and colleges are always looking for intuitive and innovative ways to protect their students, faculties, and staff members. Using ID cards makes it easier to identify students and teachers, but can also help to monitor access to certain areas. That is why educational institutions should employ high-end ID security to manage access to different areas in their buildings and dorms.

Having a professional ID card printing system in the school or university also makes it simpler to identify visitors while maintaining the safety and protection of the institute. ID cards and badges allow the security personnel in the building to quickly do a security check by verifying the details of the cardholder.

ID counterfeiting continues to become harder to detect, so it is important to ensure proper protection of ID card data. This can be done using a simple watermark or lamination, which will make it difficult to tamper with the details on the ID cards and badges.

There are many affordable dual-sided ID card printers available these days, like the Evolis Primacy, that support the addition of more details and information to the id cards in order to copy-protect them. For instance, an ID cards can have the photo, name, date of birth, and date of admission on the front, and the address, emergency contact details, and a unique encoding feature on the backside. This will not only make the card more secure but also add to its functionality.

The data embedded into the encoding, be it in the form of a barcode, QR code, or magnetic stripe or chip, can be used to track the activity of the cardholder throughout the building. If access control is integrated into the encoding system then it also makes it more convenient for security personnel to keep an eye on unauthorized access.

Dual-sided ID cards printed with encoding can also come in handy to manage access to certain facilities in the building, such as cafeteria, library, labs, server rooms, and more. It can also be used to manage meal plans and facilitate easy payments as needed. 

Using an in-house professional ID card system also makes it a cost-effective solution to print ID cards and badges for events and fairs hosted at the campus or college. It can also be beneficial for granting limited access to volunteers who regularly visit the educational institution. When coupled with a visual watermark, the ID card will be impossible to replicate, which will protect the user data and information while making the premises safer for everyone.


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