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Various Sizes And Dimensions Of ID Cards

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Various Sizes And Dimensions Of ID Cards

If you are new to ID card printing, you will have many doubts about the common plastic ID card sizes and dimensions. Continue reading to know more about three of the most common ID card sizes.



The dimensions of this card are 2.051 inches x 3.303 inches. These cards usually have adhesive backs and are mainly used for printing and attaching to proximity cards. CR79 cards can also be used to print tags and labels. If you need to print on these cards, you will need to use an ID card printer that is capable of doing the same. CR79 cards are compact than the CR80 cards and are 10 Mil thick.


CR80 Cards 

These cards are of dimensions 2.1255 inches x 3.375 inches. The size of this card is considered the standard size. ID card printers like Magicard Rio Pro 360 and Magicard 600 can be used to print on these cards that are the size of a credit card. Almost all types of ID card printers accept these cards and so these cards are the ideal choice for card printers. Cards of this size are also available in composite PVC-PET cards that are more durable than the usual cards. PVC-PET cards are made of PVC and PET plastic in the proportion of 60:40, making them strong and durable. Magnetic stripe cards, rewritable cards, and eco-friendly biodegradable cards are also available in CR80 size.


CR80 cards are available in different thickness values and these are:

  • 10 Mil – used to print professional business cards
  • 13 Mil – mainly used to print membership cards
  • 20 Mil – used to print bus passes or mass transit cards
  • 30 Mil – mainly used to print corporate ID card or access control cards
  • 55 Mil – used to print name tags or luggage tags


CR100 Cards 

These cards are of dimensions 2.63 inches x 3.88 inches and are 42% bigger than CR80 cards. This means that these cards are easy to see and read from a distance and are difficult to store in a billfold or wallet. CR100 cards are often referred to as oversized or military-sized cards and are also called CR10030 or CR100.030 cards.


These are the ideal cards for venues where card information should be visible like music concerts, conventions, trade shows, or parking passes. The unique size of these cards limits the printing capabilities. Before opting for these cards, it is important that you ensure that your ID card printer can print on these cards.