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The Different Types Of ID Card Printer Cleaning Kits

ID card printer cleaning kits are a great way to protect your ID card printer from damage. These kits can also ensure good image quality, and ensure the optimal life of your printer. There are different varieties of ID printer cleaning supplies, each designed to clean a particular model of ID card printer. To ensure thorough cleaning of your ID card printer without damaging it, make sure to comply with the instructions on your printer manual. Shared below are the details of some of the common types of ID card printer cleaning kits.

Adhesive Cards 

These cards are mainly used to clean the card roller of an ID card printer. Adhesive cards can be used to clean dust and debris from the print rollers thereby preventing damage to the printhead. While cleaning, the adhesive card runs through the printer as plastic ID cards do during the printing process. Many ID card printer models will notify the users when it is time to run a cleaning card through the ID card printer. 

Cleaning Pens And Alcohol Swabs 

Alcohol swabs and cleaning pens are used to clean the printhead. Adhesive cards and cleaning rollers will not clean the printhead. Make sure to switch off the printer before cleaning the print head. You may gently wipe the alcohol swab or cleaning pen over the printhead and then allow the head to air dry completely before using the printer again. 

Cleaning Rollers  

These rollers can continuously clean dust and debris from plastic cards before they are printed to avoid printer damage. Not all ID card printer models feature a cleaning roller. If the ID card printer model that you use has a cleaning roller, make sure to replace the rollers at regular intervals. 

These are some of the different types of ID printer cleaning kits and if you are in search of genuine cleaning kits for your ID card printer, you can search online or get in touch with an ID card supplies provider in your locality. The cleaning kits will vary with the printer models and so, you should note down the manufacturer of your ID card printer and the printer model before getting in touch with the ID card printer supplies provider. Also, if you do not know how to use the ID card printer cleaning kit that you ordered, you can call a knowledgeable ID card professional.