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The Benefits of Rewritable Card Printing Technology

Rewritable ID cards are special cards, which as the name implies, can be printed, erased, and reprinted as many as five hundred times each. This makes them invaluable when it comes to creating temporary badges and passes. Production of these cards makes use of materials which are highly temperature sensitive, and which in turn respond to the heat applied by ID card printers such as the IDP Smart-31. This model is among the most popular IDP printers available currently.

Rewritable card printing technology is very useful, in that it cuts cost on waste and supplies. The card itself contains a thermo-chromatic material that turns visible or invisible based on the temperature applied. It is laid on top of a substrate which then gains visibility on heating to 356°F and cooling rapidly right after. Most times PET substrate is used for 10 mil cards, whereas PVC is employed in the case of a 30-mil card. When temperatures under 230°F and 320°F are applied, the color patterns on the card get erased, allowing it to be reused over and over in the same manner.

Where suitability is concerned, such cards do well in scenarios where a cardholder has their data changed frequently, or when someone needs to re-use an already printed ID card. Info updating can be done frequently, which means the cards can be reissued to new holders after rewriting. Cost of printing is kept low due to the lowered requirement of brand new card material, and the eliminated one of printer ribbons.

Aside from that, the process is much more eco-friendly, because used cards need not be discarded as often when they can just as simply be reprinted with different information. ID badges can be reprinted with new including bar codes, names, photos, and validity. For instance, a rewritable student’s ID card could be used without replacement throughout his or her enrolment period, and information added, changed, and removed as per need. Even in marketing, such cards have proven exceedingly useful, since they can be customized on short notice.

This printing technology is a new method that allows rendering reusable ID cards that use no ribbon, and keep the environmental footprint at a minimum. In other words, they are both cost effective and eco-friendly. Its range of applications stretches to include student ID cards, loyalty ID cards, Ski resort ID badges, etc.