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Simple Marketing Ideas Using ID Card Printers 

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Simple Marketing Ideas Using ID Card Printers 

You might be using your ID card printers to print photo ID cards. However, you should understand that ID card printers are capable of doing much more than printing photo ID cards. There are many marketing ideas using ID card printers that you can take advantage of to maximise the marketing opportunities that can be created using your ID card printer. A few marketing ideas using your ID printers are shared below to get you started.


Business Cards 

Most businesses will have a standard business card. You can make use of your ID card printer to print a plastic business card that can help your business stand out from the crowd. You can make use of your ID card software to design your unique plastic business card. When you print your business cards, you will have complete control over the quality and design of the printed card.



People are less likely to toss a coupon that is printed on plastic when compared to those printed on paper so these coupons can help your business grab the attention of people. In addition, plastic coupons can easily fit into a wallet and can be a very good option for coupons that do not expire or can be redeemed on various visits.


Loyalty Cards And Rewards 

You can reward and encourage your buyers returning to your business by giving them rewards and loyalty cards. You can print plastic loyalty cards with your ID card printer that can be redeemed on multiple visits. Providing plastic reward and loyalty cards can ensure that the cards last long and if your ID card printer technology allows, you can store customer data on the card using magstripe or chips.



You can also give back to your community with a discount card fundraising program. You can gather some businesses that are willing to provide discounts for a good cause. You may then print the list of businesses on a card using your ID card printer and sell these cards as a fundraiser. People buying these cards can redeem the cards at the businesses taking part in the fundraiser program.


Cross Marketing 

You can locate services and products that complement the offerings of your business and partner with the businesses offering them to cross-promote each other’s business. Your partnership with other businesses can be promoted using a printed card listing the businesses participating in the cross-marketing scheme. You can also choose to offer your buyers a discount for presenting the cross-marketing card.