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Rewritable ID Cards: A Cost-Effective And Eco-Friendly Option

Rewritable ID cards are a great option to consider if you need to print visitor badges, hotel room cards, temporary employee cards, inventory tags, loyalty cards, and other temporary and short-term cards that you use for multiple cardholders. These are special cards that can be printed, erased, and reprinted, thereby making them earth-friendly.

Rewritable ID cards come in standard credit card sizes and are suitable to be printed on any ID card printer. One side of these cards is PVC graphic quality plastic and direct-to-card printers can be used to permanently print on this side. The other side of the card will have a specialized coating on which card info can be printed and erased. The coating will be usually done with temperature-sensitive materials for the purpose of printing and erasing using a rewrite ID card printer. The temperature-sensitive materials respond to the heat of the printer and can be reused up to 500 times.

Rewritable ID cards are convenient to use, budget-friendly, and very eco-friendly. You can use Evolis printers like Evolis Tattoo RW Printer to quickly print and erase these cards. Other printers like Magicard printers and Fargo printers also offer rewritable card printers. The Magicard Rio Pro Limited Edition Printer can be used to print a color design on one side of the ID card in a batch, doff the color ribbon from the printer, because no ribbon is required for using the rewrite feature, and make use of the hand-feed slot to individually erase, print and update card info on the flip side of the card with a Magicard thermal rewritable card stock.

Rewritable ID cards can be printed in monochrome black or blue and are also available in magnetic stripe form. Apart from being reusable, these cards do not need a ribbon to print which can very well reduce the printing waste. The print head of the rewrite ID card printer applies heat at varying levels to print on the card, and then erase the info at a later time to reuse the card. The erasing of the information on the card can be done very easily and quickly using ID card printers with rewrite capability.

There are different models of rewritable ID card printers available in the market and there are printers that offer both direct-to-card and rewritable card printing. You can select according to your printing requirements. 

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