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A Quick Look at the Zebra ZXP9 ID Card Printer

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A Quick Look at the Zebra ZXP9 ID Card Printer

When it comes to ID card printers, nowadays you’ve got a mind-boggling number of options to choose from. The latest entrants in the market often offer a slew of features that their predecessors lacked, although there are some “evergreen” models that a lot of people continue to use year after year despite sleeker, more manageable printers being released each quarter. The Zebra ZXP9 is fairly new, however, and contains some of the best features you could want in an ID card printer.

This is a dual sided retransfer printer which has been specially oriented towards high security applications. The throughput is impressive at 190 cards an hour, and this speed does not force you to compromise on quality either. You get user selectable modes for print quality, making it possible to optimize the machine for print speed or even step up the print quality, with the assurance of top-rate printing thanks to the retransfer process. This printer also lets you print both sides of a card simultaneously.

The Zebra ZXP9 is also an advantageous buy when it comes to cost-to-quality savings and reduced waste. The pricing is 30% less than most comparable printers, and waste-reduction hits a commendable 50%. The color predictive technology used in this model bases itself on a patented set of image-processing algorithms, which make sure operation settings are geared towards putting out the best achievable print quality. There are multiple connectivity options, which include USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, making it possible to move the printer to any place within range of the same network, and still get your printing done.

The machine is easy to set up, and comes with Zebra’s acclaimed support service. You also get free card testing, a much improved UI, a useful toolbox full of nifty utilities, and plenty of technical help with the initial configuration. The ZXP9 brings enhanced security features to stave off unauthorized use and counterfeiting, as well as other specifically meant for specialty holographic laminates and custom Zebra supplies.

This model also comes with other appealing features like a lamination module, MIFARE encoder, and magnetic stripe encoder. These come in various combinations, and the pricing changes a bit based on which you pick. When you do make your purchase, make sure that you choose the features that suit your intended use.