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Mistakes to Avoid Before Shipping Out Your ID Cards


The majority of organizations today use other design and print companies to get their ID cards printed, however this is the least economical approach in the long run. Additionally, a few simple mistakes can mean that you receive a poor outcome on your cards and have essentially lost the money you’ve put into your printing. If you do have to outsource your card printing, below are a few mistakes you should absolutely steer clear of.

Choosing Low Quality

Card printers at all levels of quality are available on the market today. Sometimes, you make a large-volume purchase for the sake of savings and find out a few days later that what you have is of poor quality. Sometimes the color of the cards starts fading or the text is blurry and hard to read. Avoid this situation by seeking out at least moderate-quality printing specs right at the get-go. This will ensure that you will not need to replace the cards anytime soon. Do not go by cost alone, because the quality is of higher importance. Find out that the print quality is at least about 300x300 dpi before making your order.

Putting in Insufficient Information

Identity cards are meant to convey details in a concise manner. Even so, most modern ID cards have a ton of essential details regarding the wearer. If you want a slurry of vital information included on your cards, make sure before placing the orders that you have done thorough research into the details that are to be displayed. After that, do a final check of the list before placing the order, so that you know everything is up to snuff.

Making Poor Guesses

When you set out to print your cards or get them printed, you need to have a clear idea of your requirements. You should be able to specify the exact number of cards required. On many occasions, orders are completed and reach the venue, but the customer finds that the numbers are short of what they actually need. Avoid guesswork, and place your order based on hard calculations including a margin of error.

Not Placing Orders In Advance

One of the common mistakes people make is that they place the orders on a date that is very close to the requirement. Remember that there are several processes which need to be completed before the actual printing starts, and that includes consultation with a professional designer and incorporating changes into the design. Besides, the customer is also informed about the suggested changes. These things have to be finalized before the final print goes through, and that is why orders should be given well in advance of the due date of delivery. It’s much more efficient to be able to handle the designs yourself with Bodno software, for example, and print the job yourself with a convenient ID card printer.