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ID Card Printers Review: Magicard Rio Pro360

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ID Card Printers Review: Magicard Rio Pro360

The Magicard Rio Pro360 ID Card Printer is from the impressive lineup of the many affordable options available from Magicard Printers. It is designed for delivering high-quality output and secure ID cards and badges while keeping the costs affordable for the user.

Magicard Rio Pro360 features an increased card capacity while offering a best-in-class print quality, and producing high-level secure ID cards. This ID card printer comes with single as well as dual-sided printing capabilities. You can also choose to upgrade your printer to include a magnetic stripe or smart-card encoding features. Thanks to Magicard’s Holokote watermark technology, your ID cards will not need lamination thanks to the added visual security feature that comes standard with each Magicard ID card printer.

The Magicard Rio Pro360 ID card printer is renowned for delivering high-quality and reliable performance in any environment, whether you have a large or small business. Not only that, but they also provide high-resolution prints at 300 dpi, which produce superior text and image quality. You can also print over the edge of the ID cards using Magicard Rio Pro360. Need an ID card printer that works fast? Magicard Rio Pro360 is also one of the fastest Magicard printers. It can produce up to 150 full-color single-sided ID cards in an hour. The 100-card feeder and stacker in Magicard Rio Pro360 makes bulk printing a breeze. You can even upgrade that to a dual-input card hopper so that you can easily manage multiple card types.

Magicard Rio Pro360 printers allow you to add an anti-fraud security watermark to your ID cards as they are being printed. This is Magicard’s Holokote visual security feature, a watermark that can be customized with your organization logo and credentials. This makes your ID cards more secure and tamper-proof.

It is also straightforward to convert the Magicard Rio Pro360 ID card printer into a powerful encoding machine using barcodes, magnetic stripes, and smart card encoding features. Magicard Rio Pro supports MIFARE®, DESFire®, iClass®, and many other contact and contactless smart-card encoding options. This allows you to embed the required additional data in the chip and extend its functionality as well.

The Rio Pro360 ID card printer is an excellent choice for printing healthcare cards, student IDs, access cards, government IDs, and more. The Magicard Rio Pro360 also supports USB and Ethernet connectivity and can be integrated easily with a third-party software application locally or via the cloud. Maintenance and upkeep of Magicard ID card printers are also effortless. Loading the printer ribbons is straightforward and can be done by the user with little oversight needed. 

Magicard printers also offer an UltraCoverPlus 3-year warranty for the Rio Pro ID card printer. It is fully comprehensive coverage, which includes a lifetime warranty for the printhead and loaner service. This further makes Magicard Rio Pro360 a reliable solution for your ID cards and badges printing needs.

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