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ID Card Printers Review: Magicard Enduro3E Duo Limited Edition

Magicard Enduro3E is a robust ID card printer that you can rely upon for all your printing needs. The Magicard Enduro3E Duo Limited Edition even comes with extra visual security features, which you cannot find in any other ID card printer. This makes it one of the best options for low-to-mid-volume ID cards and badges printing needs.

Magicard Enduro3E Duo Limited Edition Review

The ID card printer is very easy to set up and use. It comes with a simple LCD display that notifies you of the status of the printer. You can easily manage all your individual card printing needs or batch printing requirements with Magicard Enduro3E Duo Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition ID card printer model comes with Magicard's unique HoloKote watermarking feature. This allows you to protect the data on your ID cards with better security features. There is an exclusive HoloFlex design included with the Enduro3E Duo printer as well, which further bolsters the security of your ID cards and badges. You also get standard encoding options with Magicard Enduro3E Duo. It supports ISO 7811 magnetic stripe encoding and smart card encoding such as contact chip, DesFIRE, MIFARE, and iClass.

The unique anti-fraud watermarking feature uses the built-in imprint technology of the ID card printer, which employs the “O” panel of the ribbon. This eliminates the need to go for any expensive upgrades for holographic laminates. HoloKote and HoloFlex designs apply a unique tiled pattern or image over the entire surface of the ID cards or a specific portion as per your needs. You can also go for Magicard's HoloPatch cards to make the watermark a high-visibility security seal.

Magicard Enduro3E Duo Limited Edition can print up to 100 full-color cards or around 500 monochrome cards in an hour. Even with that speed, the print quality of the ID card printer is never sacrificed; it gives you clear and crisp images and texts in 300 dpi resolution. You can get edge-to-edge printing with the Magicard Enduro3E Duo printer and use cards of up to 20mm to 40mm thickness with it.

The Magicard drivers for the Enduro3E Duo Limited Edition printer are compatible with Windows and Mac OS. The printer works on direct-to-card printing technology using the dye-sublimation method. This ensures that the printhead will not experience any wear and tear that easily. Besides, Magicard also offers a 3-year warranty to cover the Magicard Enduro3E Duo Limited Edition printer.


If you're interested in purchasing the standard Magicard Enduro3E you can do so here: Magicard Enduro3E