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ID Card Printers: Magicard Rio Pro Review

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ID Card Printers: Magicard Rio Pro Review

Magicard RioPro has a bold, simple design that deviates from the traditional sleek aesthetic that most companies commonly push. It also has the same engine as the well-known Magicard Enduro3E.

The first issue most users are likely to notice is that this printer prints too faintly. People generally check how vibrant the color is when doing a first test print, and the impression the Rio Pro makes in this department could do with some improvement. Luckily, Magicard’s tech support is known for handling such issues promptly. In this specific situation, all you need to do is adjust the printhead power, which is intentionally lowered to make sure the device does not overheat.

Secure Encoding Options

HoloKote is Magicard’s patented watermark technology which prevents counterfeiting, and lets you watermark badges and cards at no extra charge. This can be incorporated into the normal print cycle as well. Magicard RioPro retains this feature, of course.

Printing on Both Peel-Off Stock and PVC

The Rio Pro, like the Enduro, is capable of printing on both major card stocks – CR79 and CR80, which is a huge benefit. Many offices find this immensely useful, allowing them the option to print directly onto peal-and-stick cards. This in turn makes the more expensive prox cards reusable. Magicard RioPro also retains this feature.

Ample Card Hopper Capacity

The Rio Pro features an input card hopper with a capacity of 100 cards, however the point of weakness is with its output hopper which is only capable of carrying 70 cards. That said, some users find it useful in ensuring the entire portion of cards do not fall on the floor, because the output hopper could not support their added weight.

Decent Speed and Quiet Operation

You can run several print jobs in succession on the Rio Pro and not hear a single noise come out of it. This suits most regular office setups, where any noise from machinery can quickly become a work-place distraction. The speed rates at 31 seconds on each full-color card, while a monochrome takes a mere 6 seconds.

Field Upgrades

Another big benefit of buying the Magicard RioPro is that you can later upgrade it to include double-sided printing capability. Knowing you have that option open down the road is enough to make this a wise buy.