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Alternative Ways to Use your ID Card Printers for Marketing

Many organizations worldwide use ID card printers to produce highly secure and durable ID cards and badges. Some enterprises use advanced technologies like magnetic stripe and smart card encoding to extend their ID cards' functionality. In contrast, others use lamination and watermarking features to make their card tamperproof. Magicard ID card printers are particularly useful for this thanks to their patented Holokote technology which comes standard in all their models. All these features in ID card printers can be used collectively for marketing purposes as well. Below are some alternative uses of ID card printers that make it a reliable tool for marketing and promoting your brand.

Alternative Ways to Use your ID Card Printers for Marketing

You can easily incorporate a wide variety of industry-specific information on plastic cards. For instance, if your business involves calculating measurement conversions like when manufacturing carpets and rugs, then you can sell plastic cards printed with the specific unit conversion information. That way, your customers can use the information to convert the units easily when placing a carpet in their homes. Businesses that focus around the food and beverage industry can also use unit conversion cards to help their customers with different recipes.

Printing emergency information, contact numbers, and addresses on plastic cards is another way to help your customers find the details they need when they need it. This is more relevant to public safety institutions like the police, fire departments, hospitals, and schools. Dual-sided ID card printers with lamination features will be the most suitable options for printing emergency information on both sides of the card.

You can also use plastic card printing to produce high-quality business cards. It is straightforward to print all the required information about your company on plastic cards, just as it is done on traditional paper business cards. Yet plastic business cards will be much more durable than paper cards and reflect upon the high-end services or top-quality products you offer. You can easily include the website details, hours of operation, and other details in an attractive way on the business cards.

It is also possible to print coupons on plastic cards instead of issuing standard paper coupons that get damaged easily. You can also include as much information as you want on the plastic cards using magnetic stripe encoding or embed a smart chip on it. This way, the plastic coupon cards can be repeatedly used, which will help boost your customer retention strategies and lead to more sales.


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