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ID Card Practical Applications – A Comprehensive Guide


ID cards have become a standardized necessity in the almost ever field from education, government, to corporate organizations. Even so, few people are yet familiar with the extensive range of applications that can be performed with the variety of ID card printers available on the market today. When you consider all of the possibilities from custom design and printing overlays as well as the management of personnel identity, time keeping, location tracking, and payment systems, it’s no wonder many become overwhelmed with the amount of practical application options available when it comes to an ID card printer.

Photo Identification Cards

This is one of the most common applications for an ID card, and is the whole reason ID cards exst. It has the person’s photo, along with details such as name, job title, address, and other data which signifies special authorization for specific actions. Usually, photo identification cards are made using PVC and are often laminated in order to protect the information as well as to extend card life. Currently, the main types of photo ID card range from simple to high-tech multifunctional ones. The latter is likely to feature barcodes, smart chips, magnetic stripes, etc., which are put in place to enhance functionality. These ID cards are ideal for time and attendance tracking, cashless payments, etc. Some smart cards even employ radio frequency technology, so that the card reader can spot a cardholder even from a long distance.

Passes and Tickets

Some ID cards can be used as passes and tickets for shows and events. This is because of the secure design features and durability of these cards. In the case of paper tickets, chances for unauthorized duplication are more, and they often lead to event managers having to address a higher number of people attending an event than the total tickets sold. Duplicating plastic cards is nearly impossible unless you spend enough to actually defeat the purpose. Another plus point of plastic tickets is that they are really handy, in that you can neatly accommodate one in your wallet or shirt pocket. Paper or cardboard tickets and passes would fit just as easily, but they can also get damaged this way.

Time and Attendance Cards

One of the most important functions of ID cards these days is to track time and attendance. By integrating your cards with a time attendance system, you can easily track your visitors and employees at the office. This way you can pay your employees based on the exact time that they are on the floor, or on duty. Similarly, authorities at schools can track students. The entire process is digital and as such you’re not wasting time on physical paperwork. All the data gets stored on a database which can generally be accessed only by authorized parties.