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How To Secure Your ID Card Printing Program? 

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How To Secure Your ID Card Printing Program? 

Your ID card printer likely processes a great deal of confidential information, so it's important to make sure your printing program is safe and secure. There are many ID card printer models available with many advanced security features to prevent unauthorized access of the device and theft. 


Password protection can be a very good way to safeguard the ID card printer. Many of the ID card printers available these days can be protected with a password. When the password is activated, users should enter the passcode to use the ID card printer. There are also some ID card printer models that support a Kensington lock to secure the printer to the workstation. In addition, some of the ID card software programs can be protected with a password to further secure your ID printing program. 


Your card supplies are another important asset that needs to be protected. There are printer models that are equipped with input and output card hoppers to ensure the protection of ID cards. It can be costly to replace the stolen supplies and this is especially true in the case of expensive smart cards and proximity cards. In addition, if the wrong parties get hold of your printer supplies, you will be at risk of fraudulent duplication. 


Some ID card printer models offer advanced centralized keylock that can help prevent unauthorized access of printer ribbons, cards, and films. In addition to making use of these built-in security features of IP card printers, you need to follow the below tips to prevent unauthorized use of your ID card printers. 


Tips To Secure Your ID Card Printers 

  • Lock your ID card printer and supplies in a secure room with a door with access control or lock. 
  • Go a step further by locking the ID card supplies in a safe or a locking cabinet. 
  • If possible, lock the ID card printer. Many ID card printer models have removable or locking card hoppers. There are Magicard ID printers that make use of a HoloKote Key to secure the printers thereby preventing unauthorized access. 
  • Lock the ID card software. Most of the ID card software programs can be secured with a password which can not only prevent unauthorized production of ID cards but also secure the data of cards that are printed using the ID card software. 


You need to take the steps to secure your ID card program to ensure the protection of your business data and your employees.