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How to Improve Print Quality

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How to Improve Print Quality

Different printers have different highlights. While some printers are made to guarantee the highest print quality possible, that doesn’t mean entry-level ones can’t print great quality cards. The steps below help you ensure that your printer is set to the highest possible printing quality.

Update printer driver and firmware

The printer driver and the firmware allow your printer to communicate properly with your computer. Making sure they are up-to-date ensures that anything that can cause the printer to print poorly is fixed. To get the latest printer driver and firmware, follow the steps below.


  • Go to
  • Click on your printer make and model
  • To get the printer driver, scroll down to “Download latest printer driver”
  • To get the firmware, scroll down to “Latest firmware”


Clean printer regularly

Like anything you have in your house, your printer, over time, can collect dust and with regular use will build up ink and other debris that can cause poor performance. In order to make sure your computer is healthy and at its best, you need to clean your printers regularly using only the cleaning kit design for it.


Increase printhead settings

Some printers will allow you to manually increase the printhead settings. The printhead applies heat to the ribbon which makes it print the ink to your ID cards. The hotter the printhead is, the more vivid the colors on the ID card will be. 


To see if your printer settings allow you to do this, go to your Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers. Right-click on your ID card printer and select Printer Preferences. If you see an option to increase printhead settings, you may do so but make sure not to go over 90. Otherwise, the printhead will be too hot that it breaks your ribbon.


ID card printers are all designed to allow you to create clear ID cards that help increase security and identification. Therefore, you should be able to print a card clearly regardless of what make and model you choose to purchase. 


If you need assistance improving your print quality, you can call our technical support team at 732 987 5300.