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How To Create A Bodno.log File

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How To Create A Bodno.log File

To create an application .log file, please do the following steps:
With Bodno closed, go to your computer's My Documents folder (ex: under
C:\Users\Username\Documents, where Username is my user on my computer) and create there a new file
with the name and file extension as follows: Bodno.log – see the example on the print screen below.



Execute the operations that you intend to capture into the log and email us the file for analysis.
If the .log file is empty, please confirm that the file was created in the correct location and that the file
name matches the one in the example above.

Please do not create and leave a .log file on your documents all the time otherwise Bodno's performance
may be affected; create it just for a specific occurrence and delete it after emailing it to us.