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How to Choose the Right ID Card Software

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How to Choose the Right ID Card Software

It is important for you to select the right ID card software to make the ID card program of your business more effective. You need to put a lot of thought into your choice. As a supplier of ID card printers and related supplies, we share some important features that you need to consider to find the best ID card software for your organization.


Database Functionality 

There are different types of ID card software and some come with an internal database. Having an internal database is very useful as it will allow you to save the ID card designs together with the details of the cardholders for easier reprinting of ID cards. Entry-level ID card software programs will not have an internal database and so, you will have to read the specifications of the software carefully. 


Also, you need to understand that not all ID card software supports external database connectivity. If your ID card program requires you to import data to the software from an external database, you should ensure that the software of your choice permits it. To know if you will need this feature, you will have to find out the number of ID cards you print on average. If your organization prints more than a hundred cards yearly, then you may need an ID card software that has external database connectivity. 


Network Connectivity 

This feature of the ID card software will let more different workstations in a network share the same database. Usually, this feature is available in ID card software programs that are fully featured, as these programs will be network compatible. Also, keep in mind that this feature is mainly needed by larger businesses. 


Encoding Capabilities

Some businesses may have to encode and print smart contact, magnetic and contactless ID cards. In these situations, you need to go for an ID card software that supports the encoding option. Programs with encoding capabilities will let you add barcodes to the ID cards. But, the entry-level programs might not be able to print 2D barcodes. 


Security Features 

There are many ways in which you can add security to your ID cards. Some ID card software programs will let you add a watermark to the ID card design. Some advanced ID card software versions will let users include password protection and user permissions. 

Operating System

There is limited ID card software compatibility with the Mac operating system. But, if you use the Windows operating system, you will have more options. If you are a Mac user, this is something to think about.