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How Should You Handle ID Card Printer Consumables? 

 The life of your ID card printer will be most impacted by the way you handle the consumables that you use in it.  It is much like your own health. You need to eat well to ensure that you function well. It is the same for your ID card printer too. Therefore, we share some consumable handling tips that can help improve the lifespan, reliability and performance of your ID card printer. 

Handling Blank Cards 

  • Hold blank cards only by the edges. Else you will see the fingerprint on the printed cards. 
  • Fan the blank cards after removing them from the wrap to avoid the chances of a double feed jam. 
  • Store blank PVC cards in a sealed container to avoid dust and dirt accumulating on them. 
  • Make sure to buy blank cards from a reputable vendor as the quality of blank cards will affect the quality of printing. Also, make sure to buy blank cards that are compatible with your ID card printer. For instance, if you are using Fargo printers, ensure that the blank cards you ordered are compatible with your printer model. 
  • Always remember that blank cards are cheaper than printheads. Therefore, if you are unsure, recycle dirty unused blank cards. Never try to wipe off dust or debris from unused cards and try to use them. 

Handling Printer Ribbon And Film 

  • ID card printer ribbons can also attract dust. Therefore, store ribbons in a sealed container and remove a ribbon from its protective wrapping only when you need to use it. 
  • Printer ribbons have a shelf life of two to three years. After this time, ribbons can break easily and the quality of images printed using it can be reduced. 
  • While replacing printer ribbons, make sure to carefully follow the instructions for replacing them. 
  • Understand that each time you turn the ID card printer off and then turn it on again, the printer ribbon will roll forward one print set. The same happens when the print head bracket is opened and closed. Keeping this in mind will help conserve printer ribbons. 

Using Cleaning Kits 

  • ID card printer cleaning kits usually include printhead cleaning pens or swabs, cards and pads. 
    • Use printer cleaning supplies that are made by the printer manufacturer for your printer model. Before cleaning your printer, read the manual and follow the instructions carefully. 
    • Clean your ID card printer when prompted, usually with each ribbon change.

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