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How School ID Cards Help Enhance Student and Staff Safety

A school ID card can go way beyond helping the security personnel identify students and faculty. It can also enhance campus safety and make the school premises as safe as possible for everyone.

The basic function of ID cards in schools is to enhance security through quick identification. This can be for identifying the teachers, administrative staff, cleaning team, and others. Having a robust ID system also allows schools to improve their visitor management systems and have better control over who is within the campus. Besides, ID cards can also help to manage access to different parts of the school campus, such as the library, labs, and administrative departments.

Using School IDs to Boost Student and Staff Safety

Schools and educational institutions can use ID cards for implementing a wide range of policies as well to boost security. For instance, student ID cards will require them to present their identification cards to a security officer when entering and/or exiting the campus. This can help to prevent unauthorized outsiders to gain access to school buildings and create any kind of trouble. 

For the staff members, the ID cards can make it simpler for the security personnel to confirm their identity and grant them access to the campus and other areas as specified. Using ID card printers such as the Zebra ZXP Series 9 can make it easy to create secure staff ID cards as it includes both proximity, and magnetic stripe encoding options while also providing laminated printing for your ID cards. The power of a Zebra ZXP Series 9 ID card printer lies in its ability to also use holographic ribbons in order to create a secure staff card that cannot be replicated. Holographic ribbons can be used to create forgery resistant cards for staff. School staff ID cards can be color-coded as well to differentiate staff from different departments and have better control over the access to school amenities and facilities.

Student ID cards can also have emergency contact details for a more efficient response if required. It’s easy to take care of large ID card printing with the Zebra ZXP Series 9, as the capacity of this printer ranges from 190 cards printed per hour.  You can pair your Zebra printer alongside a Logitech C270 camera to take sharp, life-like images for student ID cards.  Besides, the ID card system can also include features like magnetic stripe encoding and smart chips to embed additional information that can be used for payments at the cafeteria, attendance management, access to different sites, and more. That will not only make the system efficient to track the required data but it will also make it convenient for the students and staff.

School IDs can also help to identify if someone is missing in case of an emergency by collecting the ID cards from the students and staff members at muster points. This will allow the emergency personnel to respond to the situation more proactively and determine the right solution to ensure the maximum safety of everyone on the campus.

It is not necessarily required to go for a high-end ID card printer if you need to print up to 500 cards per year. A standard school ID card with the school logo, cardholder name, photo, and other important information will do the job in most cases. Yet if you have high-volume printing needs, then choosing a more advanced ID card printer will be ideal.

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