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How Good is the Zebra ZXP Series 7

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How Good is the Zebra ZXP Series 7

Security card printing never goes out of demand, and that will remain the case until the time when biological ID becomes widely standard. That certainly looks to be a long ways off; meanwhile, modern companies keep trying to find better options to bolster security with regard to IDs. For that, they invariably rely on buying and using the best ID card printers on the market.

Zebra ZXP7 is one of the best IDP printers to have come out in recent times. Although a bit on the hefty side, it upholds the finest production standards, with impressive speed being one of the main reasons that buyers favor it so much. This goes up to 300 full-color-printed cards inside an hour, which is no small thing, even for one-sided printing. For a busy office, this spells a great way to ensure card production is a rapid affair. When printing full-color on the front and just black on the backside, it would take an hour to process about 225 cards, which is just as impressive.

The secret to this kind of speed is that at any given time, the Zebra ZXP7 keeps three cards on the print path. While other printers basically fumble around, this model brings the next card in line a lot faster. Add to that the print quality of 300 dpi, and you can get really good printing done in a very short time.

Input and Output Capacity

The input hopper on the ZXP7 is able to hold 200 cards at the same time, something rarely seen since the Fargo DTC500 series used to rule the IDP printer scene. On both the YMCKOK and YMCKO ribbons, you can stretch the capacity out to 250 clear prints, which is the essential standard right now.

The original output hopper is where this model sort of lets you down. With a meek 100-card capacity and the promise of cards falling off if you went any higher, the ZXP7 leaves you feeling frustrated after building it up so much with the other features, particularly the speed. In fact, this printer is so fast that it makes sense to start a long print job and just leave. What you get instead, is the need to come back every so often and clear the output hopper, so that newly printed cards do not fall off. Luckily, there is a 250-card hopper option that you can pick while purchasing the product, or maybe even install as an upgrade.