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Evaluating Your Organization’s Need to Design a Secure ID Card


Designing a secure ID card for your organization involves a lot more than just the visual appeal of the design. To start, you will need to understand your organization’s specific requirements, the level of security you require, as well as the security technologies that are already in use in the establishment. You may even need to communicate with different departments to assess these aspects.

Evaluate the Design Needs

To define the scope of your ID card system and make it more secure, you need to evaluate whether you need separate card designs for your employees, contractors, and visitors. If your company works with several contractors and gets many visitors every week, then having different designs will make it simpler for the security personnel to identify them. This will help to provide or restrict access to specific areas within the establishment and keep the premises secure.

Understanding your design needs will also help to make an informed decision on whether to go with in-house printing or hire a third-party vendor. For instance, if you need to print a high volume of ID cards and badges throughout the year, then choosing a reliable ID card printer like the Magicard Rio Pro 360 and producing the cards and badges in-house will be more cost-effective.

Check the Security Level and Authentication

You need to have a clear idea about how many levels of security clearance you have in the organization. Moreover, see which of the different areas in your business will interact with the ID cards and badges, and how the security personnel will verify the identity of the cardholder. In general, there are two ways to authenticate ID cards – through visual confirmation using the photo printed on the ID card or through access-reader technology and smart cards.

Evaluating the security measures in the organization will help you to choose the right type of ID card. It will also allow you to improve the security measures as needed and include more security protocols to strengthen the security of your establishment.

Compliance Requirements

It is also very important to check whether your ID card design and system is required to comply with any government or local body regulations. For instance, if your company works with federal or state entities, then you may need to ensure that the ID cards in your organization are equipped with high-end security features. You will also need to make sure that the quality of the ID cards and badges are excellent and it maintains all the essential standards of the industry.

If you are not required to comply with any such regulations, then you can choose the card design as per the policies of your organization. Most ID card printers come with a wide selection of design templates that makes it simpler to create a professional-looking ID card for your company.

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