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Creating a Secure and Affordable Government ID Card

Every government agency has clearly defined requirements for their ID cards. This helps to ensure that they can protect the personal and sensitive information printed on the cards. ID cards can have multiple purposes in a government facility, apart from proving the identity of the holder. For instance, the ID card can be used for allowing access to secure sites or tools, or employed as a visitor management method by security personnel. All that makes appropriate card security very essential for a government agency.

Government organizations need to ensure that the ID card is fully secure, and that it cannot be tampered with or reproduced illegally. This is why choosing the right ID card printer with superior built-in security measures is vital for government agencies. At the same time, the ID card printer should deliver high-quality images and crisp text prints to make certain that the security personnel can read the information printed on the cards quickly. This helps in better employee identification, visitor management, and access control.

Securing the ID Cards

The initial designing of the ID cards plays a great role in making it secure as per the needs of your agency. You should create a design that represents your organization properly as well as includes all the details that could help to identify the card bearer. It should be tamper-proof as well so that the information printed on the card cannot be altered or replicated easily.

A simple way to ensure that is to go with laminated ID cards. Many ID card printers apply lamination as the cards are being printed. This keeps the costs and time to produce ID cards under your control. The laminate can easily protect the card from physical damages and tampering. Some ID card printers can even apply a durable layer of HDP film over the image. Trying to separate the layers of such cards will render them useless.

Another cost-effective way to ensure optimal card security is by adding a hologram or watermark to the ID cards. The premium Magicard printers, for instance, allow you to add HoloKote watermarks on the cards when printing them. This watermark can be customized as per your needs to create a unique identity for your organization.

You can also print micro text or ghost images on the ID cards to make them more visually secure. These security measures can easily help to deter forgery and replicating your ID cards. You can also use special dyes that only appear under UV lighting to print holograms or micro texts on the cards. This will make your ID cards more secure and suitable for all kinds of professional uses.

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