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Choosing the Right Contactless ID Card for your Company

Contactless cards or proximity cards are used for a wide range of purposes, from keyless entry to secure payment. The internal component of a contactless card uses radio frequency ID (RFID) technology to communicate with the card reader and perform the necessary action. In an organization, contactless ID cards can help to fortify the facility's security and help in easier access management.

Determining the right type of contactless ID cards can be overwhelming, so you should focus on your needs to make the decision simpler. In a nutshell, proximity cards help organizations in five distinct ways:

  • Security – Contactless ID cards make monitoring and managing access to the different parts of the building very easy, which helps to boost the security
  • Attendance – The information embedded in contactless ID cards can be used to track movement inside the building and manage the presence of the employees
  • Durability – Proximity cards are not required to be inserted in the card reader at the entry points, which makes them more durable and less likely to malfunction
  • Customization – You can customize and personalize contactless ID cards the way you want to meet your organizational needs and specifications
  • Reporting – It allows using the access data generated by proximity cards and acquiring automated reports for audits and inventory management

Magicard printers offer a variety of ID card printers that make it easy to print proximity and contactless id cards and smart chip cards. The Magicard Rio Pro 360 is set up to make printing both magnetic stripe, smart card, and proximity id cards for your business a snap. But, to choose the ideal proximity card for your company, you need to understand how you will be using the cards in the organization. Contactless ID cards use an internal antenna and a read-only electronic microchip to communicate with the card reader and verify the data embedded in it. They feature a different range of operation, which typically ranges from 2.5 inches to 20 inches, and vary depending upon the type of the card reader as well. Therefore, you should select the proximity card based on your purposes and the typical range of use by your employees.

Note that there are different formats of contactless cards, including 37-bit or H10302, 40-bit or C10106, and more. However, the standard format used out there is 26-bit or H10301, which allows you to keep the costs in check while making the most of your ID card system. Some contactless card manufacturers also offer their own proximity technology and formats for making the functions of the card more straightforward. All of these formats work on the same basic principle and allow you to customize the access control system as per your organization's needs.


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