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Cleaning Your ID Cards

Cleaning Your ID Cards

Photo ID cards have become an important part of any business to easily identify the person on the premises and keep unwanted people away. Most businesses these days need their employees to wear ID cards every day, meaning that these cards come into contact with different things and surfaces. This is why it is crucial to clean your ID cards. 

While ID card printer cleaning supplies and kits have become popular for printer maintenance, cleaning and sanitization of ID cards are not kept to the same standard. Today’s world is hygiene focused and we should never overlook the cleanliness of the ID cards that we wear. It is very much important to keep our ID cards clean to prevent the spread of bacteria and other microbes. However many people do not know how to clean their ID cards without causing them to fade or damage them. 

Though most plastic ID cards are durable with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, premature fading and damage are big concerns. But, do not worry. Our ID card professionals share some easy tips to clean your ID cards without damaging or fading them. 

How To Clean ID Cards?

Cleaning your photo ID cards is a relatively simple process. The only thing is that you need to be careful while cleaning your ID cards. To clean your photo ID cards, you will need lukewarm water, disposable paper towels, soap, and a container. The steps to clean are outlined below. 

  • Into the container, add the warm water and a few drops of the soap solution. 
  • Thoroughly mix the solution to produce bubbles. 
  • Take your photo ID card and place it on a clean surface. 
  • Take a paper towel and gently dip it in the soap solution. 
  • Hold the ID card around the edges with your thumb and fingers. 
  • Wipe the ID card with a paper towel. 
  • Repeat the process on the back side of the ID card and make sure that all the dirt is gone. 
  • Using a dry paper towel wipe and dry the ID card. 

This is the recommended method to clean photo ID cards. Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean or wash your photo ID cards as these chemicals can damage the cards and shorten their lifespan. This is especially true if the photo ID card has been printed using a direct-to-card ID card printer.