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Are There ID Cards Of Different Thicknesses?

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Are There ID Cards Of Different Thicknesses?

If you know about ID cards, you might already know about the CR8030 card. It is the industry standard size for different types of cards from credit cards to ID cards, gift cards, etc. The CR80 part of the name corresponds to the actual dimension or overall size of the card. The dimensions of a CR80 card are 3.37”x2.125” with rounded corners. However, what will be the thickness of these cards? Are there ID cards of varying thicknesses? Of course, there are ID cards of different thicknesses.


ID Card Thickness 

“Mil” is the unit used to measure the thickness of an ID card. A 1000th of an inch is a mil. The most common ID card thicknesses are explained below for your knowledge.


10-Mil Cards 

These cards are often used as business cards. If you use these cards with retransfer printers or ID card printers with dual-sided printing or laminating capabilities, you will end up melting the cards. In addition, it can result in serious damage to the printer by gumming up the internal components and the printhead. Therefore, you need to check the card thickness specification of your ID card printer before printing.


13- Mil Cards 

Cards of this thickness are often used as membership cards or business cards. These cards are recommended over 10-mil cards for use with ID card printers. Like 10-mil cards, these cards are also not suitable to be used on laminating or retransfer printers. Even though many dual-sided printers are suitable to print double-sided ID cards at 13 mils, many can have trouble printing these cards.


20- Mil Cards 

Cards of this thickness are used to print mass transit cards or bus tickets. Due to their thickness, 20 mil cards might not feed properly to all types of ID card printers. Therefore, it is recommended to check the specifications of your ID card printer before trying to print on 20-mil cards.


30- Mil Cards 

This is the most popular choice for credit cards, access control cards, debit cards, gift cards, corporate ID cards, etc. This is the most common card thickness that is used throughout the industry.


55-Mil Cards 

Cards of this thickness are almost outdated these days. Only a few printers are capable of printing on 55-Mil cards and these cards are commonly used as luggage tags.


60-Mil and 65-Mil Cards 

Cards of this thickness are also called clamshell proximity cards and are commonly used in business organizations with medium to high employee turnaround. These cards are mainly used for door entry and access control.