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Are Expired Ribbons and Supplies Hurting Your ID Card Printer?

Keeping different ID card supplies like cards, cleaning kits, ribbons, etc handy can help ensure that you are never stuck waiting for days for a new order to arrive. However, keeping your ID card supplies for too long can actually hurt your ID card printing system. Many of us do not know that ID card ribbons and other supplies can expire. Read along to know more about the expiry of ID card ribbons and supplies. 

How Long Do ID Card Supplies Last? 

Even though the exact shelf life of ID card printer ribbons and cleaning kits can vary by manufacturer, our technicians do not recommend keeping ID card supplies for no more than a year.  This is because, with age, printer ribbons can become weak and frail and will be much more likely to tear during the printing process. In addition, cleaning kits make use of cards and swabs soaked in alcohol to remove dust. But the alcohol and cleaning solution can dry up when stored for a long time, making the cleaning supplies ineffective. 

Storing ID Card Supplies 

It is important to keep your ID card supplies protected from direct sunlight, dust, moisture, and high temperatures. Make sure to store the ID card printer supplies in their original packaging in a humid-free and temperature-controlled environment. Also, take special care while handling and printing your blank cards. This is because grime and oil from dirty fingers can lead to printing issues. Therefore, make sure to hold the blank cards only by the edges, or wear gloves while handling these cards. 

Printing on blank cards that are not handled properly can lead to fuzzy areas and smudges. Store your blank ID cards in an air and water-tight container to protect them from dust, fingerprints, and sunlight. Also, inspect blank ID cards before feeding them into the ID card printer, and keep a dust cloth handy to wipe off any dust on cards. 

If you find that your ID card supplies are damaged, never use them on your ID printing system as it can damage the system. In addition, use only genuine ID printer supplies to print and clean your ID printing system to avoid damaging the system and other complications. If you wish to have more information on ID card printers and sup[plies, you can get in touch with a knowledgeable ID card professional in your area.