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A Review of the Zebra ZC300 Series

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A Review of the Zebra ZC300 Series

Zebra has introduced a new series of ID card printers incorporating some of the most cutting edge features available on the market. These printers have a few properties that are not often seen in your typical ID card printers. Below is a brief overview of some of the features of the Zebra ZC300 Series card printers.

Smaller Profiles & Slim Design

One of the most important requirements for service industry ID card printers is that they should blend well into the environment where they are used. This calls for a slim and compact profile for ID card printers. Zebra ZC300 series has been designed with this requirement in mind. It fits neatly into environments like offices, hotel front desks, or retail stores, where the space can be limited. The Zebra ZC300 series has the lowest clearance and the slimmest profile in its class. Another new feature is the presence of a side panel that gives you access to the printer’s interior. If there is something wrong with the operation, this panel enables you to get a quick look into the interior of the device.

Enhanced Card Feeding and Automatic Adjustments

The ZC300 series card printers are equipped with a new card feeder to help the device adjust with the thickness of different cards. Additionally, the model has an optional flipper module which is field upgradeable. These come in handy for dual-side printing. These are not the differences between the two models, however. The main difference between the two models is the print speed (the ZC350 is faster by a considerable amount) and the options for card features. The ZC350 has the added option of

  • Combined FIFARE ISO 14443 A & B
  • ISO 7816 Smart Card
  • Contact Station

Easy One-Step Loading and Unloading

This series of printers has addressed a common issue found with major printers like Fargo printers by offering a new ribbon door and hinged doors over the card output hopper of the device. The former simplifies loading and unloading of cards and makes the printing process easy.

Further, there is only one way to feed the ribbon to the printer. This will ensure that users are not confused regarding the side they are inserting into the printer.

Upgraded Security Features

Security is one of the most important issues in card printing. The ZC350 printer provides options like smart card encoding, which includes contactless and contact encoding methods as well as magnetic stripe encoding. These printers also have the ability to detect iClass cards and proximity.

Specialty Ribbons

The ZC300 series also offers 3 new ribbon choices with special effects and specialty colors. This covers color-shifting graphics which are difficult to counterfeit.

Overall, the new Zebra ZC350 has several promising features that make it one of the most useful and practical ID card printers on the market. You can purchase them from the Bodno marketplace here: