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A Quick Review of Magicard Rio Pro 360

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A Quick Review of Magicard Rio Pro 360

At first glance the Magicard Rio Pro 360 is extremely reminiscent of its predecessor the original Rio Pro. However, there’s more than meets the eye besides a streamlined and sleek external design. Underneath the oblong white contour of the Rio Pro is an embedded Linux-based CPU that truly allows this ID card printer to excel at any given task. This iteration of the Rio Pro offers improvements on features of the original and boasts a greatly increased print speed. That’s incredible considering the wider range of color this printer has to offer.

Magicard, in keeping with being an industry leader, offers a 3-year comprehensive warranty for the ID card printer under its MagiCoverPlus plan. This include hassle-free print head coverage as well as a hot-swap loaner service that will replace your machine should it need to be taken into the manufacturer for repair.. However, the 3-year warranty is only available to customers in the European Union, Australia, North America, and a few selected territories as of now. In other regions Magicard offers a 1-year in-store warranty.

As previously mentioned, the Rio Pro 360 ID card printer by Magicard offers a more vibrant spectrum of print colors but it does so in 18 seconds flat. That’s quite a steep improvement from the original model which clocks in at 24 seconds for a full-color card. Users of the original model will reminisce about the innovation that occurred with the release of the Holokote® security feature. This unique overlay allows the user to print customized holographic anti-fraud watermarks on each ID card. This, in turn, enhances the security of the ID cards without any additional cost. Although the material does have a cost associated the features comes bundled with all Rio Pro printers. Fans of the classic will be happy to know that this new printer will come equipped with not 4, but 10 Holokote® designs to choose from.

The Holokote® security watermark is applied onto the ID cards during the regular printing process via the O panel of the printer ribbon. As a result, no holographic lamination is needed to protect the visual security feature. This will be welcome news to those who aren’t a fan of custom holographic overlaminates. The Holokote can produce the same results as traditional alternatives at a fraction of the time and cost of any traditional methods.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, Rio Pro 360 supports both standard USB and Ethernet connectivity making it easier to use the ID card printer over any organization’s network. If ever do run into connectivity issues the device features a crystal clear display panel that provides easy to read and understand instructions. The display also notifies the user of different printer statuses. This includes notifications about when to clean the print head, when to change the printer ribbon, and more.

The Magicard Rio Pro 360 ID card printer also features amazing rewritable capabilities which allow the user to print an ID card, erase any old or outdated information, and reprint using the same PVC card numerous times. This factor alone helps printing budgets tremendously. Not only does the Magicard Rio Pro 360 come in at an affordable price point but it can also provide substantial cost-savings. Another huge advantage of this model of Magicard is the option to upgrade your card input hopper from 100 to 200 cards. The output hopper is not alterable but offers space to hold 70 cards.

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