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A Look At The Magicard Enduro Cleaning Kit

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A Look At The Magicard Enduro Cleaning Kit


It is an essential part of printer maintenance that you clean your Magicard Enduro3E ID card printer. This is to ensure proper performance and avoid any unwanted jams or errors. It’s advised by the ID card manufacturer that you schedule an ID card printer cleaning once every two months so that you always get high-quality prints. Not only that, but it also enhances the longevity of your Magicard printer and helps you avoid the cost of frequent repairs.

Magicard offers an efficient cleaning kit to make the entire process much simpler for you. The Magicard Cleaning Kit works for most ID card printer models made by the manufacturer such as Magicard Enduro3E, Magicard Enduro+ Duo, and Magicard Rio Pro. It also comes with 10 cleaning cards as well as a specialized cleaning pen that should help you effectively clean your ID card printer. Below is a quick look at the cleaning kit by Magicard.

Magicard Enduro Cleaning Kit 

The cleaning cards in the kit are designed to remove dirt, dust, grime, and any other debris from the cleaning roller located inside the ID card printer. The key function of the inbuilt cleaning roller is to make sure that the cards you feed to the printer have a clean and smooth surface. This allows the printer to always print clear text and images onto the ID cards. When you insert the cleaning card into the printer it passes through the ID card path as usual and removes all the dirt and debris from the cleaning rollers, allowing it to function properly.

The cleaning pen in the Magicard Enduro cleaning kit is exclusively designed to clean the print head of the ID card printer. As this is the most important component of any printer you must make sure to clean it regularly. The cleaning pen can help you to clean all the hard-to-reach areas of the print head where dirt and debris often accumulate. This, in turn, ensures that the print head works normally and always gives you high-quality results.

You can also use the Cleaning Roller Kit by Magicard to make sure that your ID card printer consistently delivers the best performance. This kit comes with five additional cleaning rollers that can be installed in your printer in case the inbuilt one is too damaged to be cleaned. In fact, it is recommended to change the printer’s cleaning roller when you replace the ID card printer ribbon so that you can ensure maximum functionality.

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