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3 Things to Ask When Printing Visitor Badges

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3 Things to Ask When Printing Visitor Badges

Visitor management is one of the most critical aspects of the security of any organization. Printing high-quality visitor badges makes it easier to identify visitors and prevent unauthorized access to the building's designated areas. Not only that, but visitor badges are also easy to use, affordable, and simplify distinguishing between employees and visitors for the security personnel.

There are dozens of options for printing visitor badges available these days. That is why you need to pay attention to a few critical points to get the right kind of visitor badges for your organization. If you print small batches of ID cards or visitor passes on the daily or need to print a single card a few times a day, then Evolis ID printers Badgy100 or Badgy200 just might be for you. Below are three important questions to ask when you are looking to print visitor badges to bolster your site's security.

Do You Need the Visitor Badges to Expire?

Expiring visitor ID cards have become very popular of late because they make it much easier to thwart re-entry to the site without approval. These visitor badges come with patented migrating ink technology that reveals an expiration mark on the face of the ID card after a certain period. This could be for a couple of hours to a week or even a month. You can decide the expiration period as per your needs and easily prevent reuse of the visitor badges after that timeframe.

Do You Want to Personalize the Visitor Badges?

Your visitor ID cards will surely have the name of the person, date, and other important information relevant to the visit. However, you can also customize visitor badges with many other things to give them a professional-quality appeal as per your company standards. What's more, including personal information on the visitor badges will also make it appear much friendlier while boosting your organization's security. You can easily use a Logitech C270 Photo ID Camera together with Bodno software and your ID card printer to take headshots of visitors as needed when printing out a visitor badge.

Do You Want to Specify Any Roles?

Role recognition in visitor badges can be another great way to fortify the security at the site. You can assign different color codes to different visitor roles, such as green for first-time visitors, orange for contractors, blue for temporary workers, and the like. Adding the positions to the visitor ID card design will also help make it simpler for the security personnel to identify the nature of a visit for the cardholders.

Aside from these three, it would be best to consider how your visitors would be wearing the identity cards. You can go with adhesive visitor badges to keep the costs under control since they do not need any additional accessories. However, they cannot be used for more than a couple of times. If you have contractors or temporary workers visiting the site regularly, you will need clip-on visitor badges or standard lanyards. We suggest keeping ID card printing accessories like a Badge Slot Punch for ID Cards on hand to save on both time and materials. 

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