Bodno Proximity PVC Cards

Bodno Proximity PVC Cards - 26 Bit-100 Pack

Bodno Proximity PVC Cards

Bodno Proximity PVC Cards - 26 Bit-100 Pack
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? Material PVC
? Format 26 bit (H10301)
Bodno Proximity PVC Cards - 26 Bit

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Bodno Proximity PVC Cards Description

Elevate your access control system with our top-notch Bodno Proximity PVC Cards. These 26-bit format cards provide a reliable and secure solution for various applications, such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, and more. Each package comes with 100 high-gloss, printable 100% PVC cards that are ISO 7810 compliant and compatible with most prox card readers. Keep your facility secure and manage access effortlessly with these high-performance proximity cards.

Key Features:

  • 100 cards per package
  • 26-bit format for wide compatibility
  • 125kHz proximity for reliable performance
  • CR80 30Mil size (standard credit card size)
  • High-gloss, printable 100% PVC cards
  • Vertical or horizontal slot punch options
  • Dimensions: 2.125'' x 3.370'' x 0.030''
  • Works well with most prox card readers

Ordering and Activating Proximity Cards: A Comprehensive Guide for Customers

Proximity cards, commonly known as "prox cards," are an essential component of your access control system. These contactless cards grant authorized individuals access to secure areas within your facility. Whether you're expanding your team or need to replace lost cards, understanding how to order and activate prox cards is crucial. In this guide, we'll walk you through the ordering process, the information you need to provide, and why encoding is done during production rather than in your office.

Ordering Proximity Cards: Information You Need to Provide:
When it's time to order new prox cards, you'll need to specify certain details to ensure the cards are correctly encoded and compatible with your access control system. Here's what you need to provide:

Card Format: The card format refers to the data structure of the card and how information is stored on it. One of the most popular card formats is the 26-bit format, but other formats are also available. Make sure to select the format that matches your access control system's configuration.

Facility Code: The facility code is a unique identifier for your organization or specific site. It allows the access control system to recognize cards belonging to your facility. Facility codes typically range from 1 to 255, and you should provide the code that has been assigned to your organization.

Card Number Range: Along with the facility code, each prox card has a unique card number. When ordering, specify the range of card numbers you need, starting from the last card used. Card numbers usually range from 1 to 65,000, allowing you to order cards for a large number of employees.

By providing this information, the manufacturer can encode and customize the prox cards to meet your access control system's specific needs.

Why Encoding is Done During Production:
Prox cards are encoded with facility codes and card number ranges during the production stage before being shipped to customers. This approach is essential for several reasons:

Security: Encoding prox cards at the production stage enhances security by ensuring that the encoding process is handled by professionals in a controlled environment. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized card duplication or tampering, contributing to the overall security of your access control system.

Complexity: The encoding process requires specialized software and equipment, which can be complex and expensive to operate. By having the cards encoded during production, customers are relieved of the need to manage this complexity and can receive pre-encoded cards that are ready for activation.

Cost Efficiency: The encoding equipment and software needed for proximity card encoding can be costly. Centralized encoding at the production stage leverages economies of scale, making it more cost-effective for customers compared to encoding cards in-house.

Activating Prox Cards for Employees:
Once you receive your pre-encoded prox cards, the next step is to activate them for specific employees. This process involves associating each card with an individual employee in your access control system and assigning appropriate access levels. You can grant or restrict access to certain areas, specify time-based access, and customize permissions based on your organization's needs.

In Summary:
Proximity cards play a vital role in securing your facility and providing convenient access to authorized individuals. When ordering prox cards, remember to specify the card format, facility code, and card number range to ensure proper encoding. The cards are encoded during production for security, cost efficiency, and to handle the complexity of the encoding process. With pre-encoded cards, you can efficiently activate them for employees and manage access permissions, enhancing both security and operational efficiency in your organization.

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Good quality card - just need to remember to provide start # next time.
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Good product, dependable and get great service every time. Thank you.