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What Is Magicard HoloKote? 

What Is Magicard HoloKote? 

HoloKote is a feature available exclusively on Magicard printers. This feature allows the user to print transparent watermarks on ID cards using Magicard Rio Pro or Magicard Enduro printers without any extra costs. The watermark can be printed to the surface of the ID card during the printing process itself, thereby helping to add an extra layer of visible security to the ID card. The watermark will be evident when the card is viewed at an angle.


The HoloKote feature is patented and sets Magicard printers apart from other brand printers that require special laminating modules to add holographic watermarks after the card is printed.


Working Of HoloKote 

The HoloKote feature works by imprinting a clear holographic watermark onto the exterior of ID cards during a print run. The frosted appearance of the holographic design will not hinder the visibility of other elements of the card design like photos, logos, text, etc. the add the holographic design, Magicard printers use the overlay panel in the print ribbon. To be more specific, the YMCKO and YMCKOK ribbons let the frosted hologram be burnt onto the card design during printing, thereby avoiding the need to purchase any expensive holographic lamination.


Types Of HoloKote 

HoloKote designs come in three variants. These are discussed below.


Standard HoloKote

Standard HoloKote options can vary with the type of Magicard printer. For instance, Magicard Rio Pro and Rio Pro Xtended comprise four standard designs - interlocking squares, waves, globes, and keys.


Custom HoloKote

This HoloKote feature allows the user to print a custom image or logo in a repeated pattern across the surface of the ID card, thereby increasing the security level of the ID card program. The users can create their custom Holokote making use of the secure online service of Magicard.


Custom HoloKote Flex

This type of HoloKote allows the user to print a single image or logo of any shape and size at any location on the card, thereby offering more flexibility.


Why Use HoloKote? 

Without an added layer of security like a HoloKote watermark, anyone with an ID card printer will be able to make a convincing copy of your ID card. It is essential to secure workplaces for any business and when compared to other methods that are used to add holograms and watermarks, HoloKote is cheap, reliable, and easy to use. If you would like to know more about the Magicard HoloKote feature, you can get in touch with an ID card professional.