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What Are LGGMN Cards?

What Are LGGMN Cards?

If you are planning to buy proximity cards for your business, you may have heard the acronym LGGMN and wondered what it is. This is an acronym that indicates all the five options that are used to program proximity cards. When ordering proximity cards for the first time, you need to understand what you are ordering to make sure of accurate processing.


Customers can become confused when trying to order proximity cards on their own and can end up ordering the wrong type of card or programming option. You will be able to find the card configuration on the ‘Options’ tab of the product description page of the proximity card.


LGGMN Programming Configuration 

It is the most common programming configuration for ValuProx and HID proximity cards. LGGMN is a universal term that is synonymously used with these two brands of proximity card suppliers. There are mainly five criteria that the users should select while ordering the LGGMN configuration. These are:


Programmed Or Non-Programmed 

The letter L denotes programmed cards and the letter N denotes non-programmed cards. It is recommended that the end users must have pre-programmed cards while ordering them. This is because ID card programming can be a complex process and most businesses will not be equipped to manage it in-house.


Card Front Surface Options 

The letter G denotes a plain white PVC card surface with glossy finish and these surfaces are intended to be printed upon using ID card printers. The letter C denotes custom artwork and the surface of the card will feature custom artwork. These letters are utilized to indicate the type of front of the proximity cards. The option to have custom artwork printed on the card can be more expensive and can take more time to process when compared to the option to have a plain white surface on the front of the card.


Card Back Surface Options 

The letter G denotes plain white PV finish and this type of surface can be easily printed upon using IDP printers. The letter S signifies standard ISOProx II artwork gloss finish. HID proximity cards will have ISO Prox HID printed on the card. The letter C denotes custom artwork.


Card Numbering Options 

The letter M signals that the card number printed outside the card and the programmed card number inside the card are the same. The letter S stands for sequential internal/sequential non-matching external card numbering.