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Types Of Holographic Cards That You Can Use To ...

Types Of Holographic Cards That You Can Use To Improve ID Card Security 

Many people are looking to improve the security of their ID card program. Their rationale can range from being concerned that their ID cards can be faked or duplicated or wishing to have an extra coating of security on their ID cards for genuineness. This is where holographic ID cards come to play. Holographic ID cards offer an efficient way to have custom ID cards while preventing the duplication of ID cards.


Holographic ID cards can also be helpful to improve the level of security on ID cards, without the additional charges of holographic laminates or if your present ID card printer does not have lamination capability. You may also embed a holographic image into the construction of the ID card. This image appears below the surface of the ID card, offering good durability and preventing tampering or counterfeiting of ID cards. The holographic image offers a three-dimensional effect on the flat surface of the ID card that can only be seen when viewed at certain angles.


Some of the different types of holographic ID cards offered by different manufacturers are discussed below.


Types Of Holographic Cards 


Magicard HoloPatch Cards 

These holographic cards are designed to be used in Magicard printers with HoloKote anti-counterfeiting system. When used with the HoloKote feature, HoloPatch cards will have an appearance that is much similar to holographic patches but at a very low cost.


Fargo HoloMark Cards 

These cards feature a three-dimensional hologram that changes appearance and color when viewed at an angle. The 3-D hologram can be stamped to the surface of cards or can be applied manually. Stamping the hologram to the card is a more secure way than manual application.


Fargo Custom Metallized Holographic Foil Cards 

These cards have a custom-embedded metallic design inside the card. These cards are almost impossible to duplicate and can be verified instantly. Different card security options like micro text, pre-printing, and ultraviolet ink are also available with these holographic cards.


Fargo Custom Translucent Holographic Foil Cards

These cards have a translucent design embedded in the card. The design is virtually impossible to duplicate, making the cards secure. Additional security options like micro text, pre-printing, and UV ink are also available with these cards.


Zebra Premier Plus Hologram Cards 

This type of hologram card features an embedded design that runs across the surface of the card. You can hand-pick from a variety of standard holographic designs of keys, diamonds, gloves, etc.