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Tips For Taking Great ID Card Photos 

Tips For Taking Great ID Card Photos 

You may bury your driver’s license in your wallet if you do not like your photo on the driving license. However, the case is different with ID cards. These cards are to be worn every day for others to see and therefore, it is important to take great ID card photos.


If you are the person responsible for taking ID card photos of employees for your organization, you can ensure great results with the simple tips shared below. 


Put The Subject At Ease 

Many of us might be uncomfortable about taking our photos. Therefore, try to give advance notice to the person about the ID card photo session, if possible. Make sure to chat with the person for some time before capturing the picture. Also, you can allow the person to preview the ID card photo before printing the card. 


Find A Good Location 

It is important to find a good location to capture the ID card photo. The camera should be set up in an area with good lighting. If possible, try to avoid fluorescent lighting as it might result in pictures with a bluish tint. 


Use A Tripod 

A tripod can help to keep the camera steady and thereby avoid blurry pictures. In addition, it can help keep your hands free. This will aid in focussing on the subject and hopefully get the person to smile. 


Use A High-Quality Camera 

Using a high-quality photo camera can ensure great images. Since the photo is the most important element of the ID card, remember to use a high-quality camera that can capture realistic images. The camera you use plays a significant role in the quality of the images captured. 


Use ID Card Software 

ID card software programs include tools that can let you edit and crop ID card photos. There are different ID card software programs available out there and you need to choose the ones that you can use with your ID card printers. All ID card printers might not be compatible with all ID card software programs and your ID card printer supplier can help you find the software that is suitable for your ID card printer. With the right ID card software and a little bit of practice, you will be able to easily enhance the look of ID card photos. 


Capturing great ID card photos is also a matter of security. ID card photos should be crisp and should resemble the person closely for clear identification.