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The Top ID Card Printer Models Of 2022 

The Top ID Card Printer Models Of 2022 

When it comes to running your own business, there is a lot that goes into it. However, organization is key to having your business run smoothly and neatly. The first thing your business will need is an ID card printer if you regularly need to print ID cards for your employees. ID card printers are available in a range of types and use from high volume printers to low volume printers, laminating printers, etc. The best ID card printers will be functional, reliable and do the card printing jobs for your employees easily. When choosing an ID card printer, it may be a bit overwhelming with all the options available. However, below, we share the list of the top ID card printers for 2022 making it easier for you to choose. 

 Matica MC 320 Direct-To-Card Dual-Sided Printer: 

Matica MC 320 Direct-To-Card Dual-Sided Printer is a reliable and sturdy printer giving you advanced features. This high-quality gadget is a necessity in every office ensuring a simple and easy to use applications for your employees. With the Matica MC 320, you can print high-definition professional badges, gift cards, and plastic ID cards with its high-performance engine. With the sturdiness and reliability of Matica, the MC 320 can be the best printing choice for advanced and secure options. This is the perfect ID card printer for people working in card issuance and needs a reliable and quick way to issue ID cards. With its high technology Matica MC 320 makes everything more quick, simple, and convenient leaving your office in an organized state. The Matica MC 320 is more than a high-quality printer, it makes it easier and faster for you and your employees to finish their tasks and focus their energy on what's truly important. 

Magicard Pronto 100:

When working with clients and confidential paperwork it is at topmost priority to keep their information private. However, when you have stacks of papers it is hard to keep track of their traces. That's why Magicard Pronto 100 is a necessity for every office ensuring that important files stay safe and private. With its advanced technology Magicard Pronto 100 protects your files with built features. Apart from printing 3 standard Holokote designs, the Magicard Pronto 100 has an advanced Digital Shredding feature from Magicard, which makes the data that is sent to the printer unreadable after use, improving the security of the user and enhancing GDPR compliance.  

Magicard 300:

When it comes to your work, we understand that security is of utmost importance which is why you need the Magicard 300. This easy-to-use printer is a must at any workspace. It provides you with the assistance you need making your load lighter. With its advanced security features, Magicard 300 guarantees that your work stays safe and private. Don't risk having your important files and documents disclosed. You can trust the Magicard 300 printer to give you high quality, durable, and reliable printing with its advanced security features. This high performance ID card printer from Magicard aims at giving mid-sized card programs access to high-quality printing and powerful security. This printer model also features digital shredding of data and custom Holokote to ensure improved security. 

Magicard 600:

At your job, it is important to get everything done quickly and efficiently. Therefore, it is crucial to have a printer that has many features that can get all your tasks done all in one. The Magicard 600 is a multi-use and sturdy printer that has numerous built-in features making it so convenient yet simple to use. This advanced ID card printer is capable of printing both dual-sided and single-sided ID cards and combines high-quality printing and advanced security features to offer professional PVC ID cards quickly. If the ID cards of your business include company logos or cardholder photos, the optimal color profile of this Magicard 600 will let you print a wide range of vibrant colors and shades. The Magicard 600 is all you need to create all your ideas into reality. It will give you a wide range of features guaranteed to fulfill all your needs and exceed your expectations. 

 Badgy 200:

Sometimes you just need a printer that gets the job done. Whether it is to print membership cards or to ID cards the Badgy 200 is sturdy and reliable. Many printers are very complex and can get too confusing to use, however with the Badgy 200 it is simple and quick. The Badgy 200 is designed for beginner users who are looking for a basic printer to assist with their printing load. It is affordable yet easy to use making it the perfect printing solution for users looking to print ID cards in small to medium volumes. As the printer is compact, it can be a perfect solution for on-site badging and events. If you are looking for a straightforward printer that gets the job done the Evolis Badgy 200 plastic ID card printer is suitable for you. 

 Zebra ZC350: 

The Zebra ZC350 is designed for advanced users looking for assistance with complex tasks. With its high performance, you can virtually create any design from start to finish. The Zebra ZC350 is built with advanced technology allowing you to create all your designs exactly how you imagined. With its easy-to-use technology you can make difficult jobs into simple ones with just a press of a button. With its modern features the Zebra ZC350 includes support for almost all types of encoding, enabling you to make any type of card, like identity, loyalty, credit, debit, access, and many more. In addition, the printing speed of this ID card printer model is high performance and is up to twice as fast as some popular ID card printer models. If you are looking for a complex and sophisticated printer the Zebra ZC350 is right for you. This printer is trustworthy, sturdy, and reliable for all your printing needs. 

Overall, when it comes to running a business choosing the right printer is an essential part of the process. With the numerous options available, we broke it down to only the top ID card printers for 2022. Whether you need a basic printer to print small loads or an advanced printer with cutting-edge technology these printers are guaranteed to provide exactly what you're looking for. These ID card printers are functional, reliable, and sturdy providing your employees with the tools they need to succeed. It will create a workspace that is productive and organized making it an enjoyable atmosphere to work in.


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