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Some ID Card Printer Troubleshooting Tips For You

Some ID Card Printer Troubleshooting Tips For You

Whenever we invest in an ID card printer, we expect the printer to work for a long time without any issues, which is quite normal. We may have put in much time for researching ID card printer features and brands. In addition, the online description of the printer might state that it has 2 or 3-year warranties, which is great. Nonetheless many people forget that like all electronic devices, printers can also wear out from many years of use.


The wear can happen faster if the ID card printer does not receive regular maintenance and care. If you find that your ID card printer is acting up lately, the printer troubleshooting tips shared below might come in handy.


Download The Latest Driver Updates And Printer Firmware 

By updating the drivers and firmware of your printer, you can optimize the performance of your ID card printer and the quality of the printed cards. The updates can ensure that your ID card printer functions at its best. You can visit the website of the printer manufacturer and download the latest updates and firmware to install them.


Prevent ID Card Jams During Printing 

Many things can result in ID card jams and some of them are:

  • Compatibility of ID cards: Before using CR79 cards, you need to understand that not all ID card printers are capable of accepting these cards. The standard card size is CR8030. Therefore, make sure that your ID card printer is compatible with CR79 cards before using them.
  • Printer driver and firmware not up to date: Make sure that the firmware and driver of your printer are updated as old and obsolete firmware can result in card jams.
  • Plugging your printer into a surge protector: Connecting your printer to a surge protector may lead to card jams. Therefore, make sure that your printer is not connected to a surge protector to avoid card jams.


Printer Ribbons Can Break Due To Many Reasons 

If the printer ribbon continues to break, you can fix the ribbon using clear tape to tape the torn parts together. Advance the fixed part of the ribbon to take up the spooler. If this does not fix the issue you can try the following.

  • Make sure that the printer ribbon is inserted properly.
  • Ensure that the firmware and drivers are updated.
  • Verify that the printer power supply is proper.