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Selecting The Perfect Badge Holder And Badge Cl...

Selecting The Perfect Badge Holder And Badge Clips For Your ID Card 

If your organization makes use of ID cards for visual identification, you should consider using ID card holders and badge clips as they are a cost-effective and comfortable way to ensure the longevity of ID cards. Shared below are a few tips that can help you choose the perfect badge holder and badge clips for your ID card.


Choosing The Perfect Badge Holder 

To choose the ID card holder suitable for your ID cards, you need to find the type of badge holder that can work with your ID cards. You can select from rigid, flexible, and proximity ID card holders. After deciding on the type of badge holder to use with your ID card, you need to select the orientation of the badge holder. After that, you need to decide on the width and height of the ID card holder so that it can comfortably fit the ID card. The width and height of an ID card will be almost the same when it comes to the inside and outside dimensions of the ID card holder.


The above steps will help you select the badge holder that is the most suitable for your ID card. Now let’s move on to the steps to select perfect badge clips for your ID card.


Choosing The Perfect Badge Clips 

Badge clips will make sure that your ID card is in complete view all the time. These clips can be used with ID card holders, badge reels, or lanyards and is a comfortable way to fasten and display your ID cards. There are different types of badge clips available in a variety of colors, materials, and styles so that you can find the one that is the perfect match for your ID cards. A few variants available in badge clips include:


Strap Clips

These clips can easily attach through a slot punch opening on ID cards and can be used to snap the card to the clothing of the user.


Adhesive Back Clips

As the name suggests, these clips have an adhesive back and can easily attach to the ID card and clip to clothing. The advantage of this type of badge pin is that you need not slot punch the ID card and can also be easily used with ID card holders.


Plastic Clips

These clips can be the best option when little or no metal parts are allowed.

You can choose the type of badge clip suitable for your ID cards from the above list.