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How To Know Whether You Have An Outdated ID Car...

How To Know Whether You Have An Outdated ID Card Printer

Every piece of ID printing machine will get outdated someday. The latest line of IDP printers, for instance, could find a place in a discontinued product line. Therefore, we have made this guide for companies that print identity cards.

Identifying Whether Your Printer Is Outdated

Most companies keep using their identity card printers long after those get outdated or until they do not print. It is perhaps the worst possible way of approaching the use of ID card printers. Compare it to your automobile. When you know that it is not working properly, would you keep driving it up to the time it breaks down? While every ID card printer has a specific life expectancy, a better option sometimes is to change it before a problem emerges. Firstly, you should identify whether it is outdated or may become outdated soon.

Manufacturer Warranty

Every printer has a warranty that ranges between two and five years. Think of it as a trust statement from the producer that validates that the product is of good quality. When the warranty period of your printer is over, it would be an ideal time to consider upgrading or trading in.

Frequently Breaking Down

When your printer keeps experiencing issues with printing or breaking, it is among the most prevalent signs that it is past the ‘best if used by’ date. You can take it in for repair, which often aids the printer in working for longer. However, doing so would mean that you are delaying the inevitable outcome and adding up printer repair costs.

Incompatibility With Existing System

Every printer model gets replaced with a newer and more relevant one over time. Thus, the older model may not have the right updates for it any longer.

Outgrowing Your Printer Requirements

When you purchase an identity card printer, it will serve all your requirements. However, when your company expands, its priorities will change and can even outgrow its card printer. For instance, your company may require more printer security, or it may get rebranded in a way that contributes to a much more complex organizational design. You are perhaps printing larger volumes as compared to what your existing printer is capable of handling.

If one of those situations applies to your company, take the necessary remedial measures. While the cards that you print may be doing just what you require them to, be aware that there are risks to using outdated identity card printers.