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An Overview of Inkjet ID Card Printing 

An Overview of Inkjet ID Card Printing 

Many ID card printers make use of inkjet printing. That said, have you ever wondered what inkjet ID card printing is? Below, we will explain what inkjet ID card printing is and the way it works. Read along to know more about this card printing technology.


Inkjet Printing 

Inkjet printing is a type of ID card printing that propels droplets of ink onto the surface of the ID card with the help of a printhead and an ink cartridge. When this technology is used to print on paper, it can have many advantages like printing smaller details at a higher resolution when compared to other types of printing technology. In addition, this printing technology is very quiet in operation and is very easy to use. Inkjet ID printers are a very common type of printer used to print on paper and there are printer models available at budget-friendly costs.


Working Of Inkjet ID Card Printers 

Inkjet ID card printers make use of the same working principle as standard paper printers. In these printers, a chamber holding an ink bubble is heated, and once the chamber reaches a specific temperature, the bubble of ink bursts and shoots out the ink via a nozzle. When the ink chamber becomes empty, it is refilled with ink. The ink automatically flows to the chamber because of the vacuum created. The vacuum automatically pulls the next bubble of ink into the chamber.


The ink nozzle is made of 300 to 600 nozzles and each nozzle will fire individual ink particles at the ID card. There are also ID card printers that make use of Drop on Demand thermal inkjet printing technology. This technology is much more sophisticated and modern when compared to the old continuous inkjet technology (CIJ). CIJ technology is not commonly used to print ID cards.


Most of the ID card printers using inkjet technology use thermal drop-on-demand technology to heat and vaporize the ink. The vaporized ink is then forced out of the printer nozzle to the ID card. The ink that is expelled from the printhead of the ID card printer will then stick onto the surface of the ID card and the ink solvent will evaporate, making the ink bite into the surface of the ID card. This will leave a hard and durable layer of ink on the surface of the ID card. This process is very quick and the ink will dry almost instantaneously, making these ID card printers very easy to use.