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ID Card Printers Review: Magicard 600

ID Card Printers Review: Magicard 600

The Magicard 600 is one of the newest printer models from Magicard printers. It comes with both single-sided and dual-sided printing capabilities, making the ID card printer an ideal choice for small to medium-scale organizations. The Magicard 600 can integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure to suit any printing requirement effectively. Looking for a smaller scale printer that’s comparable to the Magicard 600? The Magicard 300 may be right for you.

The Magicard 600 ID card printer offers great printing speeds, vibrant print quality, and world-class security. It uses dye-sublimation printing technology to produce high-quality photos and logos with accurate colors. The Magicard 600 comes with optimized color profiles as well to allow users to print a wide range of colors with more vibrant and rich details. The ID card printer also supports re-writable printing, which comes as an added perk for schools and colleges.

The Magicard 600 can produce a full-color single-sided ID card in just around 18 seconds, which gives you nearly 200 ID cards within an hour. For printing monochrome cards, the Magicard 600 takes just around 5 seconds, giving you an output of more than 700 cards in an hour. The Magicard 600 ID card printer comes with a 100-card input hopper and a 70-card output hopper. This makes it a good choice for bulk printing. At the same time, it supports single feed mode as well to help you quickly print a visitor badge or ID card.

You also get the trademark HoloKote security system of Magicard printers with the Magicard 600 printer. The built-in security feature allows you to include a watermark across the face of the ID cards as they are being printed. This gives your ID cards an added layer of security, making them harder to tamper with or replicate. You can choose from the pre-designed watermark designs included in the system or print a customized watermark image or text on the ID cards.

Magicard 600 allows you to add up to 10 custom watermarks by upgrading the printer driver. You can also use Magicard HoloPatch cards to further fortify the security features of your ID cards. Magicard 600 also supports upgrading to include smart encoding options to your ID cards, such as iCLASS, DESFire, MiFare, and magnetic stripe encoding. The ID card printer even has a digital shredding feature to protect the cardholder data. This feature will fragment the cardholder information after the print job so that it cannot be duplicated.

The modern ID card printer supports USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connectivity to make the installation and setup easier. Magicard 600 comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty as well, which covers the printer and printhead. 

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