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Comparing the Top 3 Photo ID Card Printers

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Comparing the Top 3 Photo ID Card Printers

There are a lot of good-quality photo ID card printers available in the market these days. While this gives you many options to choose from, it also makes the choice a tad difficult because all of the ID card printers come with great features. Therefore, you will need to carefully assess all the pros and cons of each ID card system before buying one for your needs.

Below is a quick comparison of the best dual-sided photo ID card printers out there to help you make an informed decision.

Magicard Rio Pro

The Magicard Rio Pro is designed for professional use and delivers impressive print quality. It comes with their standard HoloKote technology that allows you to boost card security with customized holograms. You also get magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless encoding features with the ID printer.

The printing speeds of the Magicard Rio Pro for producing a full-color single-sided card are around 31 seconds in standard color mode and around 23 seconds in fast color mode. It can print a single-sided monochrome card in just 6 seconds. The Rio Pro comes with a 100-card input hopper and a 70-card stacker, and supports single feeds as well as batch printing.

The Rio Pro ID card system is backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty on printer and printhead in select countries. It also comes with 500 blank PVC cards and a Microsoft LifeCam Studio ID camera to help you get started instantly.

Fargo DTC 4250e

The Fargo DTC4250e delivers stunning edge-to-edge printing with sharp and vivid colors. It comes with a built-in Swift ID technology as well to help you create ID cards in a matter of seconds. The Fargo DTC4250e can be used right away, without any additional software.

Printing a single-sided full-color card with the Fargo DTC4250e takes only around 16 seconds, while it produces single-sided monochrome cards in just 6 seconds. The ID card printer comes with 100-card input and output hoppers that makes batch printing a breeze. You can also upgrade the ID system with encoder functionalities to improve your ID security.

Fargo printers offer a 3-year manufacturer warranty on the Fargo DTC4250e printer and printhead. It comes with 300 PVC cards and a high-end USB digital camera as well to help you get started with your ID printing needs right out of the box.

Zebra ZXP Series 7

The Zebra ZXP 7 gives you high operational efficiency without sacrificing print quality. It is an easy-to-use ID card printer and comes with over-the-edge printing capabilities to create eye-catching ID cards for your company. You can also create ID cards on-demand using the ZXP 7.

The Zebra ZXP 7 ID card printer can deliver a full-color single-sided card in just around 16 seconds whereas printing a single-sided monochrome card takes only 6 seconds. It has a 200-card input hopper and a 100-card output hopper to support all kinds of high-volume printing needs. You can also upgrade it with lamination and magnetic stripe encoding features as needed.

The Zebra ZXP 7 comes with 500 blank PVC cards and a Microsoft LifeCam Studio ID Camera to help you get started with your ID printing needs quickly. The ID card printer is also backed by a 2-year warranty by Zebra printers, which covers the printhead as well.

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