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Why you Should Use Self-Expiring Visitor ID Cards

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Why you Should Use Self-Expiring Visitor ID Cards


Using visitor badges is one of the most efficient ways to maintain your organization's security or manage attendance during an event. Self-expiring visitor ID cards can be much more beneficial to keep the premises secure and restrict unauthorized entry. As the name suggests, a self-expiring ID card will become invalid after a certain period. This is done by applying a coating of Visually Changing Paper or VCP on the ID cards or purchasing self-expiring time badges for use with your ID card printer.


The VCP coating will change the visitor badge's color or reveal a message across the card due to a chemical reaction. This helps the security personnel to identify unauthorized guests in the building and control their access. The VCP coating can be easily activated when you issue the ID cards and can be used with different expiration times, starting from just 4 hours to 30 days. Self-expiring visitor badges can have visitor information printed in various methods, such as using an inkjet, laser ID card printer or thermal printer such as the Magicard Enduro 3e. If you’re looking for visual security past self-expiring id badges, id card printers such as Magicard ID printers, offer customized watermarks with their patented Holokote technology.


The Benefits of Using Self-Expiring Visitor ID Cards

One of the more significant benefits of choosing self-expiring visitor badges is that it boosts the visual security of the ID card system in the organization. If you have visitors allowed to stay in the building for a limited period, then using a self-expiring ID card can be the simplest way to identify unauthorized people in the facility. At the same time, self-expiring badges will also help to avoid re-entry of visitors to the building without your knowledge.


Another benefit of using a self-expiring visitor pass is that they cannot be replicated and counterfeited. This helps avoid the risk of the ID cards being reused for any purpose and ensures that the security personnel clears everyone on the premises at the entry points. Moreover, once the self-expiring cards have been issued, the security personnel will not manually track down visitors and ask them to return the visitor pass before leaving the building. All of that makes visitor management much easier for the organization.


Self-expiring visitor badges are also very affordable and can be quickly printed when someone arrives at the facility. This helps to make the process more streamlined and less taxing and time-consuming than using other modes of identification. You can get started using self-expiring badges in your organization without needing any additional investment for ID card printers or specific training. This makes it a cost-effective and secure way of managing your visitors.


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