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What You Need to Know When Printing Visitor Badges

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What You Need to Know When Printing Visitor Badges

Having an efficient visitor management system is one of the most important aspects of running a business in this modern era. Using visitor badges makes it very easy for security personnel to identify people on the company premises and prevent any unauthorized access. Besides, visitor badges can also offer a much better social and professional experience to your visitors while improving the brand image of the company.

As visitor badges form the first impression of your business for the person who visits the site, you need to ensure that they have clear and accurate printing. Illegible printing can not only ruin your company’s reputation but it can also make it very difficult for the security personnel to identify the visitors and determine their purpose of visit. Therefore, you need to ensure that your visitor badges fulfill the demands of both convenience and security aptly.

What to Print on Visitor Badges

Different businesses have different requirements, so you need to decide what your intended goals are with the visitor management system. For instance, if you want them to be used for identification only, you can print visitor ID cards with distinctive color codes to suit your needs. Likewise, you can assign different colors to grant access to different areas in the property.

Generally, brief and precise information on the card, such as date of issue, the reason for visit, time and validity, etc., will be enough to support the viability of your visitor ID badges. Other than that, you can also use the visitor badge to promote your company branding, which will make it look more professional and official. If you have a photo ID card system, you can also include the visitor’s photo on the card to make it more secure. A bundle like our Zebra ZXP Series 3 Dual Sided ID Card Printer & Complete Supplies Package includes a photo ID camera so you can take high-quality photos for any ID card.

You can also have different sets of visitor badges for day visitors, recurring visitors, and regulars like contractors and suppliers. This will make identification swift and avoid any awkward situation for the visitor as well as your security staff. If you are using a dual-sided ID card printer, you can also include marketing materials and details about your products and services on the backside of the visitor badges.

In any case, make sure that your visitor ID cards are tamper and fraud-proof by using holograms, watermarks, micro text, or any other feature. Laminating your visitor badges will be a good way to protect them from tampering, especially if you want them for long-term use. Moreover, encoding the access details using barcodes, QR codes, or magnetic stripe will be ideal to add to the overall security of your business.

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