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Ways to Make your ID Card Last Longer

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Ways to Make your ID Card Last Longer

A lot of ID card printers exist today that can render top-shelf credential and clearance prints for various uses. The Evolis Badgy100, for instance, can perform quality printing on plastic cards. With a range of other options as well to choose from, a consumer can rest assured that as long as they have the money to spend, worthy products are always available. However, regular printing cannot totally guarantee that your ID card will last long. For that, you need to choose adhesive laminates, overlaminates, or a badge holder.

Adhesive Laminates

These are added to the front or back surface of the ID card following the printing operation. You have the option to apply even after a card has been issued, which means there is no need to reprint if you forget this step. Adhesive laminates provide protection from everyday wear and tear, as well as any damage during scanning; they also make a card more difficult to tamper with.


These are stuck on cards while the printing is being done. Lamination usually comes as an upgrade in printers, raising the cost on the product but still delivering a truly useful option in return. Because the printer is what laminates the cards, the process goes more quickly, compared to the application of adhesive laminate. Overlaminates function protectively, preventing wear and tear that could occur from scanning, and making cards more difficult to tamper with.

Badge Holders

Standard badge holders these days can be had in a variety of colors and styles, with some having the ability to hold even multiple cards. These have pre-punched slots through which you can attach a lanyard or reel. A prox card holder is designed to secure your card in such a way that it will not fall out, while still ensuring it grants you full access to the places you have clearance to enter after a card scan. Some badge holders are of the clip-on variety, allowing you to attach them on to clothing, and easing the use of the pass that they hold.

Other than that, you also have rigid plastic holders made out of relatively thick plastic to prevent the card bending and snapping, like the way it normally would if you kept it in your wallet. Convention badge holders can hold larger cards, and can carry more than one card at a time, alongside other items as well.