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Understanding the Difference between CR80 and CR100 ID Cards

Choosing the right type of blank cards is an essential step in getting the best possible results from your ID card printer. Blank ID cards are differentiated using the letters "CR" and numbers that denote the size of the ID card. CR80 and CR100 are the most popular types of ID cards these days. In most cases, CR numbers are applied to standard ID cards. However, they can also be used to categorize proximity cards and smart cards.

Note that CR numbers generally represent the width and height of the blank ID card and not necessarily its thickness. Below is a quick look at the key differences between CR80 and CR100 card types to help you to make an informed decision when choosing blank ID cards for your organization.

What Are CR80 ID Cards?

CR80 is the most common size of ID cards, and they are sometimes called “credit card size” ID cards because of their similar dimensions. This makes CR80 cards a good choice for a wide range of applications, such as printing student ID cards, driving licenses, employee ID badges, visitor cards, and more. As for the dimensions, CR80 cards measure 54 mm in height and 86 mm in length.

Since this size is very familiar and most people may have some kind of credit card or similar sized card in their wallets, CR80 cards are the go-to choice for ID cards. At the same time, they offer enough space for adding necessary information on the card, such as the company logo, cardholder name, and a few lines of text.

What Are CR100 ID Cards?

CR100 is not that commonly used for general ID card printing, but it provides more space for adding in some extra design elements on the ID cards. CR100 cards measure around 67 mm in height and 99 mm in length, making it suitable for including detailed cardholder information on the ID cards. That is why CR100 ID cards are generally used in government institutions.

The main advantage of using CR100 cards is that it provides better options to customize the card and to include security features like a barcode or QR code. You can also increase the size of the photo on the card by a bit to make it more readily visible and let your security personnel identify the cardholders more efficiently. Due to their bigger size, you may also find that they look more professional when cardholders wear it in an ID card holder, instead of carrying it in a wallet.

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