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Understanding Smart Card Readers

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Understanding Smart Card Readers

Smart card readers are devices that are used with smart cards. These cards are plastic technology cards with a built-in chip that can be used for electronic processes like access control, financial transactions, personal identification, authentication, etc. Smart card readers are used to read the data in such cards. These are easy-to-install devices and can obtain the data stored on contactless or contact smart cards printed using ID card printers

Uses Of Smart Card Readers 

These readers are available in either contactless, contact, or a combination of these models. In the case of contact smart card readers, the ID card should be manually inserted into the card reader. These types of card readers are mainly used in applications demanding security like e-commerce transactions, vending machines, government IDs, network security, etc. 

Contactless smart card readers make use of radiofrequency to operate. The radio signals are used to establish communication with the ID card when it comes near the card reader. In the case of contactless readers, the ID card does not have to be physically put into card readers. These card readers are fast and convenient to use as the ID card does not need to be inserted into the card reader. Some of the areas of application of these card readers are door access, tollbooth fares, electronic passports, etc. 

Buying The Best ID Card Reader For Your Use 

The type of smart card reader that you should purchase for your application depends on the compatibility of the card reader with the contactless or contact ID card that you use at your facility. The things that you need to take into account while choosing a smart card reader are discussed below. 

Access Control System Compatibility 

Before buying the smart card reader, you need to ensure that the smart card reader of your choice can work together with the access control system that you use. It is important to ensure this, else you might be wasting your money on an incompatible smart card reader.

Frequency Range 

Smart card readers are designed to search for particular frequencies and will transmit the data back and forth. Therefore, make sure to consider the frequency range of the smart card reader before buying one for your business. 

Area To Fit The Reader 

After deciding on an indoor or outdoor smart card reader, ensure that the wiring setup is proper and that the smart card reader will properly fit in the area designated for the reader.