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The Best Time To Trade In Your ID Card Printer

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The Best Time To Trade In Your ID Card Printer

There can be many reasons a person may consider trading in their old printer or upgrading their ID card printer. Some of these reasons can be quite obvious while some others may not be that clear. Are you confused about the best time to trade in your ID card printer? The suggestions shared below will help you make a decision.


When Your ID Card Printer Is Continually Refusing To Work 

If your ID card printer is frequently experiencing problems, it might be a cost-effective idea to trade in your printer or upgrade to a better model. Continual repairs on your old and outdated printer will not be profitable to your business, not to mention the downtime for your card printing. If your ID card printer is very old, trading it in for a brand new ID card printer can save you time and money.


If Your Printer Is Discontinued By The Manufacturer 

All manufacturers will replace their old ID printer models with new and innovative models. For instance, you can find many updated models of Fargo printers on the market. While they continue offering consumables for old printer models, they will eventually stop offering printer driver updates for these models. This can be a very good time to upgrade your old ID printer to a new one.


If Your Printer Is No Longer Capable Of Meeting Your Printing Needs 

Oftentimes, businesses outgrow their ID card printers and the good news is that many printer models, like the Fargo HDP5600, are field upgradable, meaning that you will be able to easily upgrade your ID card printer as the need arises. However, many older ID card printer models are not field-upgradeable and if you are using such printer models, you will have to trade in your old printer and buy a new model that suits your requirements.


If Your ID Printer Is Not Compatible With Your Current OS

The unfortunate thing with older ID card printers is that the majority of them will not have current drivers or firmware updates necessary for the latest operating systems. Due to this, you may either have to run your ID card printing system on an old computer or trade in the old printer for an upgraded ID card printer that is compatible with the latest operating system. Running your outdated ID card printer on an old computer might seem a viable option, but understand that it can pose security threats to your business.