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Printing Secure ID Cards For The Healthcare Industry 

Healthcare facilities like hospitals, doctor’s offices, labs, urgent care units, clinics, and other health centers will need their staff to wear ID cards. This will let those receiving the care identify the role of the staff in the healthcare facility. Recently, many hospitals have started to integrate their ID cards and badges with access control options. This will let medical staff gain access to the area of the facility they are working and also offer added security. This is because only staff who have permission to enter or exit a particular area are provided access on their ID card.


Using proper ID printers, enhanced security can be added to an ID badge program in many ways. These are discussed below.


Visual ID Card Security 

Together with proximity card security, healthcare facilities also add visual security to their ID badges. Making additions to the ID card security can be done in different ways. Two ID card printers make use of patented technology to do this.


The first one is the Magicard Rio Pro Duo Limited Edition ID printer. This is a direct-to-card ID printer and can add custom imagery, which can be made to a holographic image to be added to the surface of every ID card printed using it. This option can ensure added security to the card and can let the healthcare facility gain brand recognition. You can easily find this in hospitals that have many satellite locations.


The second printer is the Datacard CD810 ID printer. This is also a direct-to-card printer and is capable of accepting your custom artwork and then physically embed the same on the surface of the ID card in a way that it can be easily seen and felt. The impression of the artwork on the ID card can ensure enhanced security as these impressions cannot be easily duplicated.


The tactile impression technology is an advanced way of ensuring security and many healthcare facilities have found success in using this option in emergency departments, intensive care units, behavioral health departments, etc.


Technical ID Card Security 

Many hospitals have been ensuring added security with proximity cards. H10304 is the most common proximity card format used by hospitals and healthcare facilities. These are proximity cards that need a proprietary facility code. The facility code will be usually reserved for businesses that work with hospitals or other high-security facilities.